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Thitinan Wattanavekin

 The year of 2012 BPW-Bangkok wish you a happyness and give a V.Vachiramathee's propitious blessing which is " Go with a good, Learn from a good, Think as a good ,Be in good location and Being good person"
  Last year, Thailand faced such the excessive flood crisis that extremely effected to bussiness and economic sections and many population. We,BPW Bangkok, long for being a part to recover flood victims as well as revive the effect situation
  For this 48 th year,BPW Bangkok aspire to proceed with its objectives to  promote friendship and good relationship as well as exchange
knowledge and experiences among business and professional women in Thailand and foreign countries, Leading to their realization of duties for society and the nation

. The association also aim to progress the outstanding projects such as "WEEE", "Give Woman a second chance", "BPW Leadership Social Network and others
   For this coming New Year, I wish members of BPW-Bangkok and the readers happiness, good health, and great success

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Give women a second chance no 10 [3-08-13]
ฺBPW BKK worked as the hosting of the Give women a second chance no 10 with the 8 association as co-host in 2013. The 33 courses were held for more than 2000 persons in the project this year.

ฺBPW PITSANULOK Foundation Day [31-08-13]
The president travelled togetther with the commitees to Pitsanulok provice to participate the ceremony of BPW PITSANULOK Foundation. Congratulation to all member of BPW Pitsanulok

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